Miserable Ones

We are surf-rock band from Czech Republic. I Bet you, that you know Pulp Fiction movie soundtrack, that's it! Our idol is Dick Dale, whose music kicked everyone's ass in the sixties and now we continue to spread his legacy. Invite us to your party and make sure that we speak the truth. It will be party hard!

I want party!

Once again, many thanks for a great concert and a great atmosphere you have created there. Everyone was excited!

MikkiM (producer, musician and DJ)

Thank you guys! It was great, we really enjoyed it!


21. 12. 2019 Jam Session & B-Party, The 27 Music Bar, Prostějov
13. 09. 2019 Wedding Party
08. 06. 2019 Surf-Rock Party, Pod Křébem, Plumlov
16. 03. 2019 Birthday Party, Echo, Prostějov
02. 03. 2019 Miserable Ones, The Hall & J&J, The 27 Music Club, Prostějov
22. 02. 2019 Lee & Miserable Ones, Rock Café, Olomouc
06. 09. 2018 Léto nekončí, náměstí T.G.M., Prostějov
18. 08. 2018 Rock'n'rollová párty, U Sandokana, Plumlov
30. 06. 2018 (zrušeno) FB Fest, Plumlov
23. 06. 2018 Kamenka Open Air, Brno
08. 06. 2018 Vinný střik, Loděnice, Litovel
11. 05. 2018 Pink Tuxedo Gang, Echo, Prostějov
05. 05. 2018 Misted Mind, The 27 Music Bar, Prostějov
25. 12. 2017 Vánoční rocková párty, The 27 Music Club, Prostějov
28. 10. 2017 Halloween Party, Echo, Prostějov
09. 09. 2017 Skatepark Afterparty 2017, Echo, Prostějov
11. 08. 2017 Rock'n'roll party, U čápa, Mostkovice
05. 08. 2017 3. Sandokanovo výročí, U Sandokana, Plumlov
22. 07. 2017 Punkrock Beach Party, Wake Park, Náklo
31. 03. 2017 Pink Tuxedo Gang & The Sculptures, Sklepy, Boskovice
25. 12. 2016 Vánoční párty, Apollo13, Prostějov
04. 12. 2016 Surfer Joe (IT) & Miserable Ones, Cross, Praha
08. 10. 2016 Pink Tuxedo Gang, Garch, Olomouc
16. 09. 2016 Opening season party, Echo, Prostějov
14. 09. 2016 Surf Truckerz (HU) + Pink Tuxedo Gang, Bajkazyl, Brno
03. 09. 2016 Svatba (soukromá akce), Prčice
03. 08. 2016 Mohelnické kulturní léto, náměstí, Mohelnice
20. 05. 2016 Birthday party (soukromá akce), Lukov (u Zlína)
29. 04. 2016 Rock'n'roll párty, Loděnice, Litovel
02. 04. 2016 Pink Tuxedo Gang, Muzikograf, Blansko
22. 08. 2015 Child at Heart 2015, Zámek, Plumlov
19. 06. 2015 Firefest 2015, Křenůvky
21. 11. 2014 Barney 30, Echo, Prostějov
16. 11. 2014 Festival nesouhlasu s rudou radnicí, Apollo13, Prostějov
19. 07. 2014 Open Air Valley, Údolíčko, Drahany
07. 06. 2014 Firefest 2014, Křenůvky
26. 04. 2014 Otevření Kustom Klubu Bohemia, Motorkářský doupě, Humpolec
25. 04. 2014 Vernisáž výstavy Tomáše Lorence, Galerie u Hanáka, Prostějov
20. 04. 2014 Rock in Apollo, Apollo 13, Prostějov
15. 03. 2014 Echo párty 2, Echo, Prostějov
02. 11. 2013 Echo párty, Echo, Prostějov
27. 08. 2011 Guláš Fest, Bystročice
04. 06. 2011 Firefest 2011, Křenůvky
13. 05. 2011 Rock in Apollo, Apollo 13, Prostějov
15. 01. 2011 Párty u Krajíca, Prostějov
09. 10. 2010 Smrgél Von Tech-Beat, Sokolovna, Smržice

I want you on my party!

Absolutely fantastic concert. I look forward to seeing you and hear again.

Tom NoMore (Unna)

Great music! I hope that we together play a concert.


Most of you will enjoy the live events. After each concerts you will hear a lot of positive feedback. Unconventional style and our instrumental experience :-) aroused interest not only for fans but also other musicians.

Small tea room or big open-air podium, we never get lost. We all have years of experience with touring, all members of Miserable Ones play in other bands. We are able to adjust to the space and equipment.
For example, we can played an acoustic set in a small gallery in Prostejov and next week on the big stage at the opening of the biker's den in Humpolec.

I have not heard anything so brutal. Absolutely great!


So it was heavy! Do you guys have time next weekend, we must make a concert at my pub!

…on stage

We are three, because we know that it's enough for hard party. We play pretty quick because slowly is boring. After the concert you will feel pain in the neck in the morning. So if you give priority to Rum or your girlfriend :-)

We bring own guitar and bass amp on stage. We also have few songs with with singing, so microphone for singer is necessary (we can bring own). We can also bring complete drum set. Sound check will take few minutes and we have not any special requirements. Microphone for guitar, bass from line-out.


Honza "Rotten" Zatloukal


Dalibor "Barney" Pravec


Jirka Novák

Connect with us

Do you want us on your party? Or are you interested in something else? Write to us, we do not bite. You can write to our e-mail kapela@miserableones.cz or use next form.

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  • 05/2019 Release of Ziki Records Live Session
  • 06/2018 Main stage time for playing at Kamenka festival in Brno
  • 12/2016 Support for the best current european surf band, Surfer Joe (IT), in Cross Club Prague
  • 09/2016 Concert with hungarian band Surf Truckerz in Bajkazyl Brno
  • 09/2016 MikkiM, a well-known producer, invited us to the wedding and we received a really big success
  • 04/2016 First concert with new crew (Blansko, with Pink Tuxedo Gang)
  • 02/2016 Finally we found a new drummer and we can preparing for the summer season
  • 08/2015 Last concert before break up with old crew (Plumlov, festival Child at Heart)
  • 04/2015 We was invited to great rock'n'roll event - opening of 60's motorcycle club (Humpolec city)
  • 04/2015 Acoustic concert at an exhibition in Prostejov Gallery U Hanak
  • 08/2013 Reborn of group with new members, we also have a saxophone player and we try songs with lyrics (covers)
  • 10/2011 Break up because we have no time to practice
  • 09/2010 First public event at SmrgHell fest
  • 03/2010 Formation of the band